Storefront Design is the best place to start when setting up your store. Here you can add your logo, favicon, main brand color, and more. Start by selecting Storefront and you will be in the Storefront Design section.

Universal Settings

Logo - This logo is attached to the metadata to be used for SEO purposes (Not as the logo on your page)
Favicon - Used on the browser tab

Brand Color - Primarily used for CTAs and shadowboxes

Font - A list of available fonts to apply to your site. Only one is selectable at this time.


Title - Used for internet search results
Description - Description for internet search results

Image Size Guide:

  • Logo - 500px by 500px, 1:1 aspect ratio

  • Favicon - max 400px by 400px, 1:1 aspect ratio

Choose a Theme

Below the Universal Settings, you can select the theme you would like for your store.

Selecting a theme will erase all site images/wording you have built.

Currently, there are 3 themes you can choose from with more on the way.

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