Note this article contains a look at the Marketplace in Postal Engage. For more information on the Marketplace in Legacy Postal please check out the Marketplace Overview article.

The Marketplace is your shop for all available items to send and Events to start booking. We've curated various categories and best sellers to help you find what you need.

Select the Marketplace and you can begin browsing for an item that you want to send.

To help you in your search we've included filters, a search bar, and the ability to view all items or only approved items.

Once you search for an item or event you will be taken to the results page. In order to get back to the Marketplace simply select Marketplace or back on your browser.

Filters can be adjusted from the left to narrow down your search. You can also clear individual filters by clicking the "x" next to the filters or clear all filters in the top right by clicking the "x" next to Clear Filters.

Select an item or event to see the description. When you are happy with your choice it's time to start sending.

Approved Items

By toggling the Approved items, Admins can see all the items that have been approved for your team.


An approved item can be favorited for easy access by selecting the 💙 icon. You can find your favorites by selecting the 💙 icon in the top right of Postal.

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