*note this article contains directions on how to create MagicLinks in Postal Engage. Please use the How to Create a MagicLink article if you are not using Engage.

MagicLinks are a great way to send items to prospects or customers and can be a powerful tool for collecting necessary data.

We'll be starting this guide after we have selected the item we want to send. (select the item from the marketplace and select Send this item)

On the Magiclink creation page, you have the following settings to consider and adjust.

  • Link Name - name your MagicLink

  • Order Limit - the number of orders that can be redeemed (ex if sending this link to 10 people you should enter 10)

  • Expires On - the day you would like this link to expire

  • Require approval before processing - whether or not you would like to approve each redemption

  • Landing page visibility - whether or not you would like to make the landing page live (in most cases this should stay active)

Landing Page

  • Header - this is auto-populated and can be left alone or customized

  • Message - a message to your intended recipient(s)

  • Form Fields -

Sending Options

  • Send As

  • Spend From


Once you have updated all pertinent information, select Review on the far right under the Order Summary. You can review the details and even Preview the MagicLink landing page.

Select Create MagicLink to finalize the details.

Congrats! Your MagicLink is ready to go. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard and can be pasted wherever you need it. You can also access this MagicLink from either the Automation or Orders tab later.

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