This Week at Postal, our development team worked hard to bring you meaningful updates. They also celebrated the majestic capybara. Aren't they cute?

Ok, back to product updates. Let's dive in!

Email digest settings

We've added the ability to receive the following emails

  • Processing Errors

  • MagicLink Approvals

  • Item - No Stock

  • Item - Low Stock

You can even control the frequency (Never, Daily, Weekly).

Prevent MagicLinks from saving with incomplete or incorrect variables present

  • When adding message variables to your MagicLink we are preventing the link from being saved if the variable is incorrect or incomplete

  • An error message will persist until the error is cleared up

"MagicLink Requires Approval" added to the Recent Activity stream

  • We're also adding the contact name to the Recent Activity stream so you can get to the order faster

That is all for Postal updates this week! Until next time.

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