MagicLinks are a quick, easy way to send get gifting with contacts and leads that might not be in your CRM or Postal account. Whether you want an option for a quick, easy redemption, or you're creating a QR code to take to a conference, MagicLink approvals ensure that your link (and budget) don't fall into the wrong hands.

Let's walk through it!

Setting Up Approvals

Managing Approvals

Recipient Experience

Only the creator of the MagicLink can approve or deny orders. Admins can see approvals needed but cannot act on them.

Setting Up Your Approval Settings

Users can toggle on/off the MagicLink approval option from 'Account Settings.' You are also able to adjust approval timeline settings from 'Account Settings.'

Your setting options for MagicLink approvals are:

  1. Auto-approve after 2 days

  2. Auto-approve after 5 days

  3. Auto-approve after 10 days

  4. Never

Each time a User creates a MagicLink, they have the option to toggle “Require Approval” on or off for that specific MagicLink.

Managing Your MagicLink Approvals

When a User goes to Automations > MagicLink they will see all their MagicLinks with a new column that tells them if Requires Approval is toggled on or off

Approvals can be toggled on or off after creation, so you’re not stuck with whatever you choose at the time of creation. Don’t worry!

All orders requiring approval can be seen in the notification box at the top of the screen and bulk approved from there.

You can also click into each MagicLink and approve orders 1-by-1 if you’d like:

If you deny an order by mistake? No worries! You can retroactively “Approve Order” :)

The Recipient Experience

  • When the order has not yet been approved/denied - Order Processing

  • When the order has been approved - the same “Your Order is on the way!” screen they see now

  • When the order has been denied - Order Invalid

That's it! Happy Sending!

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