Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by pollen. Maybe it's a California thing, but there is a yellow, dusty curtain lingering over my life lately and Off-Brand Allergy Pillâ„¢ just ain't cutting it. You know what I am rarely victimized by? Postal. And this week's Product Updates are nothing to sneeze at!

Achoo! Awesome Feature Updates

  • User search capability has been improved throughout the entire app. You are now able to enter first name, last name, or email to search Users throughout the app and also in "Send As" selection

  • Item descriptions for Collections now surface when you hover over the item in the selection page as a recipient. There is scroll capability on items with longer descriptions.

Pollen-Particle Sized Fixes

  • Gift Email and Landing Page previews now surface the "Send As" user

  • Event email button that redirects to Event Details page no longer says "Track My Delivery" and now says "Review Event Details"

We've got even cooler, much-needed, many-a-time-asked-for updates coming your way before the end of April, so keep your Kleenex close and your eye on our Product Updates in two weeks. Until then, happy sneezing!

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