Products can be added to the Vendor App in multiple ways. This article discusses bulk uploading of products. You can also integrate Shopify or manually add a product if desired.


  1. Prepare Your Spreadsheet

  2. Uploading Products from a File

Prepare Your Spreadsheet

In order for your products to upload properly, you will need to create a spreadsheet exactly like this (cell fill and formatting not necessary).

Alternatively, you can use this template.

Column names from left to right

  • Item Name

  • Item Description

  • External ID

  • Category

  • Brand Name

  • Type

  • Variant Name

  • Variant SKU

  • Image URL 1

  • Image URL 2

  • Image URL 3

  • Price

The column headers above in bold are mandatory. If a product does not have one of those fields filled out then it will not import correctly.

Example: I fill out every column but the Type for my new product. The upload will fail.

Once your spreadsheet is done you are ready to begin uploading your products.

Uploading Products from a File

Let's start by getting logged into the Postal Vendor App.

Step 1: Head over to the Products tab and select Add Products

Step 2: Select Upload from file

Step 3: Drag your file into the box or click on the box to search your files (Excel or CSV files only)

Step 4: Select Done.

Your file will begin uploading. You should start seeing your products getting added to the Products page. If you notice that any products are missing please double-check that your spreadsheet columns are all in place and that the necessary fields are filled out.

Step 5: Select each product you've uploaded and Request a Listing

  • Public Listing - request that your item be listed for all Postal customers (Recommended)

  • Private Listing - request that your item be listed only for a specific customer

Once you have made the request our Marketplace team will review it. An email will be sent to you confirming that your item has been added (generally a 72-hour turnaround time - business days).

That's all! Congrats on uploading your products.

If you need any further support please reach out to your Marketplace team contact!

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