The Events tab allows you to see all your Events in one convenient view.

Included are the Events being requested, the statuses of each Event, and the ability to select an event and manage the orders. When a customer requests an Event it will be added to the Events tab. An email will also go out to the vendor and our Events team.

Events Overview

You can search for or filter events if necessary.

  • Name - Name of the Event

  • Variant - variant chosen (if applicable)

  • Event Date - Date of the Event

  • Last Registration - date of the last registration

  • Status - Status of the Event

The Postal Events team will communicate with the vendor to confirm. Once approved, the Events team will update the statuses.

When the Event status changes to “Accepting Invites” the vendor will get a confirmation email.

Event Details

By selecting the name of the Event you can see all the details and manage the orders associated with your Event. Details surrounding the Event include the meeting link, Event date, and any custom message from the requester.

Event Orders

  • Bulk Export - allows you to export all orders to a spreadsheet where you can update information such as tracking.

  • Bulk Import - allows you to import the spreadsheet you exported. This allows you to update your changes in the Vendor app.

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