So you've requested your event, it's been approved, and you've curated your contact list to include your favorite coworkers or your most promising leads...but what does the Event experience look like once you press send?

So happy you asked, let's walk through it.


The invitation goes out to your selected contacts as soon as you press "Send."


Once your guest has accepted the invitation, they will receive a confirmation email that contains, once again, all the information for the event. The contact also gets taken to an event landing page where they have the option to add the event to their calendar. Date, time, and meeting link are imported with this option.

Day-Before Reminder

The day before your event, all attendees receive a day-before reminder email, just in case your event has slipped their minds.

Final Reminder

On the day of the event, attendees receive a final reminder email sent hours before the event to make sure they have all the information they need to participate.

Other Reminder Emails

Contacts receive an email when the following things change with your event:

  • The date or time changes (attendees)

  • The meeting length changes (attendees)

  • The invite is about to expire (non-responsive contacts)

  • The event has been canceled (attendees)

And there you have it! The Event Attendee experience.

Happy Sending!

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