Happy December, my fellow humans. Can you believe we're nearing the end of 2021 already? Has it gone by too fast? Or not fast enough... #JustLastMonthOfTheYearThoughts

Here at Postal, in between settling the great Pumpkin versus Apple Pie debate and lying to grandma about how delicious her green bean casserole was, we were pushing some product updates to make your Postal experience something to be thankful for. Ha, get it?

Here's what we did:


Flat fee events (events that charge you a flat fee for booking instead of per person) now have the flat fee triggered once the first contact accepts their invite.


Admins creating a Collection will now be able to choose between 'My Items' or 'All Items'. Send all the things.

Bugs we squashed

While you were squashing beef with that one uncle (you know the one), we were squashing bugs. Here's some annoying stuff that should be less annoying in the new update:

  • The Intercom button to contact Support will no longer block important stuff on the bottom of your screen in Postal

  • Team Admins will now receive Item request notifications.

  • Event Attendees Lists are now updating in real-time when new contact accepts invite, no need to refresh the page over and over again to see who's coming

  • Email now updates when changed in Profile Settings

  • In some instances, deleting a contact did not fully remove it from Postal. This has been resolved.

Welp, that's all for now, folks! Enjoy the remnants of the food coma, and we'll see ya in two weeks!

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