Does Postal own the warehouses?

No. We partner with the best third-party logistics partners in the business to make sure your items are handled as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Can I warehouse something in an international warehouse and send it domestically or vice versa?

No. If you are going to send products internationally, you will have to have them warehoused in the corresponding location.

Can I store items and not integrate them with Postal?

No. Warehousing is an add-on for Postal, not the other way around. We can only approve the warehousing of items that will be sent via the Postal platform.

Is everything included in the warehousing price quoted to me by Concierge?

Not quite. Shipping costs and printing of any specialty print shipping items (such as boxes with printed logo, etc.) are separate costs from your base warehousing cost.

Will the warehouse package multiple different items for me?

No. If you want something kitted (combining multiple items into one SKU, ie: creating a pack of items such as a water bottle, shirt, and hat into ONE KITTED BOX), you must pre-determine the combinations prior to the items arrival at the warehouse. Once the items arrive at the warehouse, kits cannot be created from those items.

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