In a world full of phishing and scams, it's hard to believe someone ever truly wants to offer you free stuff. As a company that loves helping you send free stuff to your leads and contacts, sometimes our emails get looped in with the 'other guys.' Here's how to fix that.

Make sure your email is integrated.

Email integration is the easiest way to prevent gift and redemption emails from going to spam. The integration makes it so that messaging comes from your email and domain, making your message more likely to end up in your contact's inbox.

Whitelist all Postal domains in your company's spam blocker.

Whitelisting Postal domains makes sure we're not getting stuck in the higher levels of your spam blocker. The domains to whitelist are:




Have your contact check their spam and junk folders.

Sometimes, we just get stuck. And that's okay! If a contact comes to you saying they never received their gift, make sure they check their spam and junk folders (including Social and Promo folders if they have Gmail), to see if their email ended up there. And, if all else fails...

Reach out to our Support Team.

We'll be happy to assist you in making sure your gift ends up where it needs to be.

Happy sending!

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