Setting up Calendar Booking for the first time? Need to make some adjustments? This article dives into each setting for the Postal Calendar Booking and what it does so that you make sure you have it just right.

Start by heading to Meetings Settings in your Profile Settings. Click on your name in the top-right and find Meeting Settings from the left list.

Choose the option that matches your current Email Integration.

Google & Microsoft Setup

Let's dive into the custom settings for your Meeting Requests.

Calendar Sync - should match your Email Integration

Calendar Provider - only your active sync will show

Enabled - toggle this feature on or off

Meeting Name - the name of the meeting

Meeting Link - your meeting link

Meeting request - the default setting for meeting request

  • No - Do not request a meeting from contacts (use this if you want the option to choose while sending)

  • Before Acceptance - Contacts MUST request a meeting before accepting an item

  • After Acceptance - Contacts are asked to request a meeting AFTER accepting an item

Meeting duration - how long you want meetings to last

Max days in future - max number of days a contact can book

Day lead time - how soon a meeting can be booked (measure by days)

Hour lead time - how soon a meeting can be booked (measure by hours)

Meeting buffer minutes - provides a buffer time in between meetings to prevent back to back meetings

Timezone - finds your timezone

Available time blocks - blocks of time when you want meetings to be booked. Add more time blocks to have more customization.

NOTE: When sending an item using "Send on Behalf", the landing page will show the person who was chosen (Contact Owner/Specific User's) calendar if they have it connected. If that person (Contact Owner/Specific User's) calendar is not connected/setup, the Let's Book a Meeting field will not display on the landing page for the recipient"

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