This article explains how to set up the Auto Reload feature for your billing accounts. Admins are able to add funds manually or set up an auto reload to occur when available funds fall below a certain threshold. Auto reload is only available with credit card payments.

When the account is reloaded, all users tied to this account will be able to access these funds as long as their budget allows.

Start by editing the Billing account (Profile Settings > Billing > Accounts > Edit).

Find the Auto Reload option

  • Toggle the option on

  • Click and drag the green slider to select the amount you wish to reload

  • Click and drag the green slider to select when that auto reload will trigger

  • Save

In the example above, $1000 will be reloaded onto the funds account when the available balance falls below $500.

Please note that a low threshold and high usage of Postal could cause multiple withdrawals from your card leading your bank to lock the card. Keep this in mind when setting the threshold.

Learn more about the difference between funds and balance!

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