This article explains how to search for orders in the Vendor Dashboard, manually upload tracking information, and bulk upload tracking information.


  1. Search for Orders

  2. Manually Upload Tracking – Single Orders

  3. Bulk Upload Tracking – Multiple Orders

Search for Orders

In the Vendor Portal, click on the Orders tab in the upper left-hand corner. All of your orders will appear on this page from newest to oldest.

The Orders tab also allows you to search for orders in two different ways:

Option 1 - Click on 'Search Date' and enter a date range of your choice. Once your dates are selected, press 'Search,' and all orders within that range will appear.

Option 2 - Choose the 'Any Status' box, select your desired status, and press 'Search.' This will allow you to filter your orders in a more customized manner.

Please see a description of all order statuses below:

  • Placed: The order has been completed and sent to the vendor to be confirmed.

  • Confirmed: The vendor has acknowledged the completed order and is working on fulfilling it.

  • Pending Delivery: Your order is ready, preparing for delivery, or in transit.

  • Out for Delivery: Your item is out for delivery.

  • Delivered: Your item was successfully delivered.

  • Delivery Error: There is an issue with your delivery. Please reach out to your carrier or the Marketplace team for more information.

Manually Upload Tracking – Single Orders

To manually upload tracking information for one order, you will first need to find the order you wish to update. If you are not sure how to find your order, please review the section above. Once you have found your order, please click on it.

In the Order Actions box, add your tracking information to the Tracking Number section. Once your number is entered, click 'Update Tracking' to complete the process. You have now completed your manual upload!

Bulk Upload Tracking – Multiple Orders

If you have multiple orders that require tracking information, you may want to consider bulk uploading your tracking information.

To begin this process, visit the Orders tab in the Vendor Dashboard and find the orders that require tracking information. You can filter by Search Date or Any Status – Placed/Any Status – Confirmed.

Once you have found your orders, select 'Bulk Export' near the right-hand side of the page. Open the report that pulls at the bottom of the page.

On your spreadsheet, scroll to column “R” titled “Tracking Number”. In this column, enter the appropriate tracking information for each order.

Please do not make changes to any other columns or rows in the spreadsheet.

Once the tracking information is added for all orders, save the spreadsheet and go back to the Vendor Dashboard.

Click on the Orders tab in the Vendor Dashboard and select 'Bulk Import'.

Select the file you would like to upload by clicking on the 'Upload Files' button.

Once your file is selected, your spreadsheet with the updated tracking information will be uploaded into your Vendor Dashboard, and you're done!

NOTE: If your tracking numbers appear in scientific notation (ex. 5.​43833E+11 instead of 543833331990), please use the FX bar in Excel to add in your tracking numbers. This will ensure they are imported correctly into the vendor dashboard.

That’s a Wrap! Happy Sending!

For additional assistance please contact your Marketplace contact at Postal.

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