This article explains what happens to funds when sending items out.

When sending an Item via direct send or Campaign, your funds will be deducted to cover the cost of the item sent. This impacts both your Budget and the Balance of the Funds Management Account. From there, a few different things can happen:

No Gift Email is Sent (Sending Without a Gift Email)

If the gift is sent without a Gift Email and there are no errors then the funds stay deducted from your Funds and your Budget.

Gift Email Sent

  • Contact accepts your gift - The funds stay deducted from your Balance and your Budget.

  • Gift Email Expires - If the Gift Email expires, the Funds and Budget are returned

  • Gift is Cancelled - If the gift is cancelled, the Funds and Budget are returned

Gift Email Hits a Processing Error

With direct sends AND Campaigns, if you see a Processing Error due to Insufficient Balance or Insufficient Funds, don't panic! The contact did not get a Gift Email, so you'll be able to adjust your Budget or add Funds and then retry the order (for a direct send) or resend the failed orders (for a campaign). Funds and Budget will be returned to your account for any Processing Errors that you do not resend.


MagicLinks are an exception as they do not hold funds when you create the link. Funds are pulled from your Fund Management Billing Account when the contact accepts the gift.

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