Postal Collections are a great way to offer a selection of up to 100 gift options at once with just a few clicks. You can curate options around a theme or create a selection based on items that have general appeal. In this article, we'll go over how to set up Collections for your team.

Note: only those with the Admin role are able to set up Postal Collections


  1. What is a Collection?

  2. Create Your Collection

  3. Approve Your Collection

  4. Funds/Budget

What is a Collection?

A Collection provides your recipient with a variety of options so they can choose the one that best suits them.

*The recipient will only be able to choose one of the options in the Collection and there is not a way to bundle gifts. To send multiple items separately, check out this article here: How to send an item.

Create Your Collection

Step 1 - Starting at the Collections screen Navigate to 'Create a Collection'.

Step 2 - Name your Collection. In this example, we'll be creating a Collection based on welcoming a newborn. We recommend naming your collection in a way that is identifiable to your team. The name is never surfaced to the recipient.

Step 3 - Choose your first gift. Use the filters or search function to find the first item to add to your Collection.

Step 4 - Add additional Items. Use the 'Add an Item' option to add additional items to your Collection.

Your Collection is now in Drafts and will need to be approved before sending it out. Move on to the next step to approve your Collection.

Approve Your collection

Once you have built your Collection you'll need to enable it. You can do this by selecting 'Actions' from the top right and then 'Enable Collection'. When your Collection is available to send the information on the left will show that your Collection is Enabled.

This 'Actions' menu contains the ability to:

  • Enable Collection - Approve for sending

  • Edit Collection - Change name, add items, assign access to specific teams

  • Clone Collection - Create an exact copy of this Collection

  • Delete Collection - Delete this collection

When are Funds/Budget deducted?

Direct Send: Funds/Budget are deducted the moment the collection is sent. The total will always be the estimated price of the most expensive item in your Collection. Once the recipient has chosen their gift, the difference in price is returned immediately and will impact both the balance and the budget.

MagicLink: The Funds/Budget are deducted once the recipient has accepted the gift.

User Created Collections

Users can create their own collections from items that have been approved by their Admin.

Once your Collection is enabled it is ready to send!

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