Those with the Admin role can add funds, change the card on file, and enable/disable Auto-Reload.

Things to know

  • Only one card can be on file for an individual Funds Management Account at a time

  • If your item fails due to insufficient funds you will need to add funds and resend the item

  • Only Admins can add funds or change the CC on file

Adding Funds

  • Starting from your profile select 'Billing' > 'Funds'

  • Find the Funds Management Account you wish to reload and select 'Edit Account'.

  • Select 'Add Funds', and enter the amount you would like to add. Select 'Add Funds' a second time.

Finally, select 'Save', and your funds will be added.

From this page, you can also update or add a payment method on file in the 'Payment Method' section, as well as enable or disable Auto-Reload.

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