Those with the Admin role can add funds, change the card on file, and enable/disable Auto-Reload.

There are two ways to add funds:

Things to know

  • Only one card can be on file for an individual Funds Management Account at a time

  • If your item fails due to insufficient funds, you will need to add funds and resend the item

  • Only Admins can add funds or change the credit card on file

  • Non-USD funds can only be added via invoice

Adding Funds

  • Starting from your profile select 'Billing' > 'Team Budgets'

  • Find the Funds Management Account you wish to reload, hover over the account, and select 'Edit Account'.

With a Credit Card

On the Billing Account page, verify or add the credit card if needed.

In the 'Add Funds' section type in the amount you wish to add

Finally, select 'Add Funds', and your funds will be added.

Requesting Funds by Invoice

From your billing account page, find the 'Request to Fund by Invoice' section. Please remember to keep conversion rates in mind when submitting invoices for foreign currency.

  • Enter the amount requested.

  • Select 'Request'.

Click through the following prompts:

Once you select 'Close', new information will be in the Request to Fund by Invoice section.

Please follow the instructions and send the funds from the account displayed to you.

Selecting 'Reset' will allow you to start a new invoice request.

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