This article goes through how to connect your Shopify store with Postal. You will need Admin access to complete this process.

Start in Shopify

Step 1: Go to ‘Apps’ in Shopify
Step 2: Click ‘Develop apps for your store’

Step 3: Click ‘Create an app’

Step 4: Type ‘ Custom App’ under App name. Select your name from the drop-down list under ‘App developer’. Click 'Create app.'

Step 5: Click on the Configuration tab.

Step 6: Setup permissions in the Admin API (scrolling will help you find each section) and press 'Save' when completed.

  • Orders: Write/Read

  • Products Listings: Read

  • Products: Read

  • Shipping: Read

Step 7: Click into the 'API credentials’ tab and select ‘Install app’.

Step 8: Click 'Install'

Step 9: Copy the ‘API access token’ and ‘API secret key’ into the Postal Vendor Dashboard. Copy your Store URL (use the URL in your browser bar) and paste into Postal.

Once you've completed Steps 1-9, you're all set :)

For additional assistance please contact your Marketplace contact at Postal.

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