Just finished a call or meeting? Moving on to the next step in your sales sequence? Want to congratulate your customer for achieving a special milestone? Automatically send an item with Postal Triggers. Triggers allow you to automate the sending of items via steps, statuses, and stages in your existing CRM, Marketing Automation, and Sales Automation platforms.

Every Postal Integration Partner has access to triggers. You'll need to make sure that your integration is set up before using triggers. Learn more about creating different Triggers by selecting your integration from this list.

Note: Only Admins have access to view and create Triggers

To access triggers head to the Automation tab in Postal and select Triggers.

Overview of the Triggers page

When you land on the main Triggers page, you can see every trigger you've created. Each column provides you with different information. The numbers in the above image will correspond to the numbers below.

  1. Activate or deactivate an existing trigger

  2. The name of the trigger

  3. What the trigger does (send an item, start a Subscription, do nothing, etc.)

  4. The integration that the trigger is tied to

  5. Various actions you can take including editing the trigger, viewing activity, and deleting

  6. How long ago the trigger was created

  7. How many unique times the trigger was triggered

Trigger Actions

There are three actions you can take with existing triggers.

'Delete Trigger' will prompt you to delete the trigger. Alternatively, you could deactivate the trigger so that you can report on activity at a later date.

'Edit Trigger' takes you to a page to adjust the settings of the trigger. All changes are moving forward and will not affect previous sends.

'View Activity' shows you the activity on the trigger including the contact, the contact owner, the date the trigger was initiated, and the end result.

NOTE: Triggers pull from the Contact Owner’s funds/budget. Using "Send As" just changes the name and email the order is sent from.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Support Team!

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