The Order Report is a great way to find orders that have been sent by Users. Clicking on either the item name, contact name, or status will bring up more information about that specific order.

To view all data and sort by User and Team, you must have the Admin/Manager Role. As a User, you will be able to see your own data. If you are on several teams, you will need to switch accounts to see each Team's Data.

The Order Report can be found under the Reporting section.


Filters are hidden by default but can be uncollapsed and used to find orders by specific criteria.

Filters include:

  • Date Created - the date the item was initially sent

  • Item - item name

  • User - user name

  • Team - Team name

  • Campaign - the name of a campaign

  • Contact - the contact name

  • MagicLink - search by MagicLink orders

  • Status

Recent Exports

The default order or an order that you have filtered to can be exported by using the 'Export' option in the top right corner. Selecting 'Export' from the Order Report will automatically start the report download and add it to the list of Saved Exports.

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