Roles can be assigned to users of the Postal software by Admins to limit or enable access to settings and options. There are three roles that can be assigned by the Admin role. Each role allows and limits the user to some extent. We break down the full permission set in a separate article.

A single user may have access to any combination of roles. However, only those with a User role can actually send items in the Postal software.


The Admin role provides you access to high-level settings and options in the Postal software. Examples of this would be adding funds, adding teams and users, assigning roles, approving items and Postal Events, and setting up integrations.

Note: The Admin permission only applies to the main account, granting access to all settings and options for every team, and cannot be applied to any other team.


The Manager role is ideal for someone who needs access to view the activity of users in the platform. Managers can run/export reports and see all contacts of the team they are assigned to.


The User role allows users to send items. Those with only the User role can only see contacts that they own. This role is ideal for those who need to be able to send approved items, create MagicLinks, and manage their own contacts.

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