We understand that hosting an event requires some planning. The Event request workflow makes finding and requesting your perfect Event easy.

All Events start with a request. You can do this by first finding the Event you are looking for in the Events Marketplace and selecting it. This begins the request process.

Please note that if your request is accepted, the Event will be officially booked. If you are simply looking for more information about an event, please reach out to your CSM, and they can assist with finding you the proper resources.

Step 1: Fill out the request form

Step 2: Select your preferred dates

NOTE: Requesting the event will result in a confirmed booking and cannot be canceled past this point. If you simply wish for more information about an Event, please reach out to your CSM.

Once an Event is confirmed, the User is responsible to pay the fee for the minimum amount of registrants regardless of attendance.

Once your Postal Event is approved, it's time to get your hosting duties on.

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