Congratulations! Your event has been approved. It's now time to make sure your event details are correct and to get the word out.

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  1. Event Details

  2. Sending Invites

  3. Managing Attendees

Approved Events live in the Events Tab under My Events. This is your home for all active Events. Let's start by editing your Event details.

Event Details

First, select 'Edit This Event' found at the bottom of your Event.

You can now edit the following:

  • Name - the name is included in your Event invites and calendar hold

  • Description - this is included in your Event invites

  • Meeting Link - add your virtual meeting room link

  • Number of Attendees

Sending Invites

Sending out your Event invites can be done in two ways. One way is to create a MagicLink that allows you to easily send invites to prospects and customers. MagicLinks can be put into social media, networking sites you use, or even emails. Selecting 'View MagicLinks' will start the MagicLink creation workflow.

If you'd like to send invites to a specific set of contacts then select 'Send this Event'.

After clicking on 'Send this Event', select your contacts, then select 'Next'. From this page, you can customize the message that will be included in the invite.

Finally, you can confirm the details of the invites and send!

Managing Attendees

Now that you have sent your invites, you will be able to see everyone who has accepted in the Attendees section. The roster contains the following information:

  • Contact Name

  • Status - Status of the physical component of the Event

  • Type - Whether accepted the invite via a MagicLink or Email invite

Now you have what you need to get your invitations out and track that your attendees got their gifts for the Event.

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