SalesLoft Triggers are a way to automate sending Postals in your SalesLoft cadences. Before you begin, please make sure to have SalesLoft integrated with Postal. Check out the article SalesLoft Integration for help doing so.


  1. First log-in to Postal and select Automation, then Triggers

  2. Select - Create new trigger - SalesLoft, select the cadence and the step you wish to have a Postal automated.

  3. Name your Trigger so you can track the success of it in Postal's reporting.

  4. Select the Action for your trigger - Start a Playbook or Send a Postal. Once you have chosen your action - select - Create Trigger.

  5. From here you will be directed to create a Postal for the cadence in Postal's Marketplace

  6. Follow the prompts to pick out your approved and saved Postal for sending, customize the message, and select - Create a Trigger

Once a trigger is created the send will be automated with the cadence step you selected for the send. You do not need to create a general task for your cadence. However if you prefer to send Postals manually, follow the steps below to set up sending a one-off in a cadence, using the Chrome extension, Postal Everywhere.

To learn more about the SalesLoft Integration check out our article.

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