Fund Management and Budgeting go hand-in-hand but are different within Postal. Fund Management allows you to add funds to your account whereas Budget helps you manage that spending.

Fund Management Account

The Fund Management Account is where your funds live in Postal once the Admin has uploaded them to Postal.


The Budget is essentially your spending limit, or safety net in Postal to prevent you from overspending.

Think of it like grocery shopping: Your “funds” are what you have in the bank and your budget is the limit on how much you spend at the grocery store (cause you still have to have enough money to pay rent and other utilities).

An example would be if you have $3,000 in “the bank” (FMA) and your Budget is $1,500 (per User per Month), the system will prevent that User from spending more than $1,500 in that quarter, meaning it keeps money “in reserve” in your Fund Management Account.

We recommend having a game plan for the Campaigns and Playbooks you’ll be initiating and have the mindset that, “everyone who you send something to will accept it”. This way, if you decide to run an additional campaign or Playbook, you know how much funds will be available after the initial campaign has run.


Gift Email Settings

If you send a Campaign to 100 people and your settings are for them to have 7 days to accept the gift, you either wait until the 8th day to see which funds have been returned to your FMA due to the contact rejecting the gift/time elapsing - or - add the appropriate amount of funds (and adjust your budget accordingly) to more than cover the newest Campaign (assuming everyone will accept their gifts if digital).

Team Settings

If you have set up Teams due to different fund sourcing or budgets from other Users, be aware of your current setup. Admins can become confused with multiple Team setups in their Account. When setting up Teams, know:

  • How many Users you have on each Team
  • What the Budget is set for them

Auto Reload

Enable Auto Reload to automatically add Funds to the Account/Team when the balance falls below a certain threshold. This will help prevent potential Processing Errors due to insufficient Funds

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