The Reporting Dashboard is a great way to get an overview of your Cost Per Touch (CPT), Total Cost, and Touches. This article will break down the various sections of the Reporting Dashboard. We discuss the Order Report and Recent Exports in a separate article.


  1. Activity Summary

  2. Total Cost

  3. Cost Per Touch

  4. Recent Activity

Activity Summary

This part of the dashboard gives a summary of your activity in Postal. Each team will have its own activity, and you must be in that team to see its specific stats.

You can filter the report to look at various preset time frames by selecting them from the option above 'Delivered' in the top right corner of the dashboard. Doing so will affect the Total Cost and Cost Per Touch reports below the Activity Summary.

Total Cost

Total Cost - the amount of money spent sending items in a given time frame

Here you can see your total cost or spend over time. The graph breaks down your spending, allowing you to see when you spend the most.

Cost Per Touch

Cost Per Touch (CPT) - the average cost per successful send

Here you can see the average cost per touch (CPT) over time and correlate the numbers with your overall spend.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity shows the most recent sends and any statuses associated with them.

Actions in the top right-hand corner will allow you to filter this report for different statuses. Most statuses, like Update, are simply informational. The Action status will indicate that you need to take some sort of action. That action is elaborated to the left of the status.

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