• Add Tags (Icon) - Assigned to contacts to provide a filter

  • Contacts - My Contacts & Favorites

  • My Contacts - User’s contacts

  • Favorites - Favorited contacts by the user

  • Delete Contacts (Icon) - Delete contacts individually or collectively

  • Favorites (Icon) - Added Contact(s) to a Favorites List

  • Filters - Company, Create Date, First Name, Last Name, Last Send, Tags & Title

  • Company - Company’s name

  • Create Date - Date that contact was created in Postal

  • First Name - Contact’s first name

  • Last Name - Contact’s last name

  • Last Send - Date of when the last item was sent

  • Tags - A filter option for contacts

  • Title - Title of a contact

  • Import Contacts - Action to manually import your contacts from .csv, .xls, or .xlsx files; great option for those who do not have a CRM that is integrated with Postal

  • Send Playbook (Icon) - Action to add contact(s) to a Playbook

  • Send Postal (Icon)- Send contact(s) an item

  • Saved Lists - Group(s) of Contacts taken from the main list of Contacts

  • Save to List (Icon) - Save Contact(s) to a new or existing list


  • Campaigns - A way to send direct mail or gifts to multiple contacts at once

  • Saved Lists - A specific list of Contacts within Postal

  • Stats - Sent, Cost & Cost per Touch

  • Sent - the amount of direct mail & gifts that have been sent by Users

  • Cost - the amount (in dollars) of how much has been spent on items

  • Cost per Touch - also known as CPT, is the average spend on items; (Total Cost / Sent = CPT)

  • Tags - A way to narrow down or specify a list or collection of contacts


  • Postal Everywhere - This extension allows you to quickly customize and send Postals to your contacts, while also showing you the status of items you have previously sent. You can add contacts to lists, campaigns, and Playbooks within the extension, in addition to tags and lists. These features allow you to work within your connected CRM and sales/marketing platforms to make you the most productive.


  • Marketplace - The Postal Marketplace is where all Categories (direct mail & gift options) are visible to Admins and Managers for approval for use by Users

  • Categories - All items are sorted by Category for easy filtering

  • Popular Items - Carousel display of the top approved gift options sent by Users


  • Items - Admin-approved direct mail & gift options for Users to send

  • Filters - Status, Type, Paper Weight, Paper Type & Size

  • Status - Items currently in the draft (not yet approved for Users by Admin)

  • Type - Direct mail style type (Postcards, Notecards & Brochures)

  • Paper Weight - Options of paperweight

  • Paper Type - Finish Options: Glossy & Satin

  • Size - Dimensions of items


  • Playbooks - A series of actionable touchpoints segmented by intervals of time

  • Stats - Started, Completed, Cost per Touch & Total Cost

  • Started - Date of Playbook cycles that have begun

  • Completed - The number of Playbooks that have ended their respective cycles

  • Cost per Touch - The average amount spent on items

  • Total Cost - Total amount spent on items

Profile / Profile Settings

  • Account Settings - Four Sections: Account Info, Custom Logo, Saved Messages, Gift Emails

  • Billing - Accounts, Budgeting, Plans

  • Budget Remaining - The amount of funds available for a User to spend on Postals

  • Handwriting - Section where User selects their default handwriting style

  • Integrations - Place to connect your CRM to Postal to sync the two systems

  • Roles - The different user types in Postal

  • Setup Checklist - An automated guide to help with the setup of the Postal Account

  • Subscription Types

  • You - This subsection of Profile Settings displays your individual Postal Stats, Campaigns & ability to edit sections of your User Profile

  • Users & Teams - Section that allows the Admin to view all Users, Invitations, and Teams

From Left to Right: User view, Manager view, Admin view


  • Cost per Touch (CPT) - CPT is your average cost for Postals sent

  • Delivered - The number of items that have been successfully delivered per USPS tracking

  • Recent Activity - The current status of sent Postals (Action, Delivered & Update)

  • Reporting - View real-time performance highlighting action within the platform, such as Recent Activity, Total Cost, Total CPT (Cost per Touch), Touches, and Delivered

  • Total Cost - The amount (in dollars) spent on items

  • Total CPT - The average cost for all items sent

  • Touches - The total amount of items sent to contacts


Triggers - An automatic action that takes place after a change is made via the integration partner (integration must be enabled to use in Postal). This action will either: Send Contact an Item, Add a Contact to a Playbook, or Do Nothing

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