There are some major distinctions between Campaigns and Subscriptions:

  • Campaigns are to send one piece of direct mail or one gift option to a select group of contacts on a specific date

  • Subscriptions are the ability to send items in a series of steps within a designated timeframe


  • Set up by the Postal Admin as a series of steps with a specific timeframe for any selected contacts

  • Begin sending items once recipients are added to a Subscription

  • As an Admin, you can start/stop a Subscription at any time and create multiple Subscriptions

  • Users can add/remove contacts to a Subscription from the Postal Everywhere extension or while in the Postal platform


  • Campaigns can be scheduled out with a specific start calendar date (month, day, year and time) or sent as a send now to an assigned set of contacts

  • Users can schedule campaigns for sending items to a bulk of contacts at once

Reporting Settings:


  • Started - Live or disabled

  • Delivered - When the recipient received the Subscription

  • Cost per touch - How much was allocated per recipient

  • Total cost - Total spent


  • Cost - Budget amount allocated for send

  • Cost per touch - Cost allocated per recipient

Putting it all together:

Campaigns and Subscriptions can run at the same time with the same contacts.

To locate each, find the respective upper menu tabs Campaigns and Automations > Subscriptions.

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