The Postal chrome extension, known as Postal Everywhere helps you and your users utilize Postal from your integrated CRM and Sales/Marketing platform to easily navigate and send your direct mail pieces.

How to download the Postal Everywhere in the Google chrome web store:

  • Postal extension for chrome is publicly available in the Google Chrome Store
  • Type into the Google chrome store search - Postal Everywhere

If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager to gain access.

Download Postal Extension to begin using Postal chrome extension.

Where can you use Postal Everywhere?

You can use the Postal Everywhere extension while in your CRM or Sales/Marketing platform. First connect a partner integration within your Postal account:

  • Postal partner platforms include: Salesforce, Hubspot, SalesLoft, Outreach, etc.
  • You can then download the extension, and click on it while in your CRM/Marketing and Sales platforms.

How to use the Postal Everywhere extension:

After you have downloaded the Postal chrome extension from the Google chrome web store, complete the download, and start by logging in with your Postal login info (your Postal user credentials - username and password). Your login will apply the same to the extension as it does to the Postal platform.

The chrome extension features allow you to work within your CRM or Sales/Marketing platform to facilitate the most productivity.

Postal Everywhere in Chrome used as an extension, appearing as a pop-up when in use:

You can send Postals by scheduling campaigns, adding to a Playbook, adding tags and lists all from the extension!

Scheduling a Playbook using Postal Everywhere:

Step-by-step guide for using Postal Everywhere to the best of its ability:

  • Log on to your respective CRM / Marketing and Sales tool through Chrome
  • Locate your Contact/Lead
  • Select - Postal Chrome Extension in the web browser
  • Start sending gifts and direct mail that you approved in by adding leads/contacts to a Playbook, campaigns or perhaps a one-off send

Example of approved Postals directly in Postal Everywhere:

Why use the Postal extension?

The Postal Everywhere extension is a seamless way for your users to quickly customize and send Postals from your integrated CRM/Sales & Marketing platform partner(s).

All users that have a Postal log in and are using your connected partner of choice will be able to add contacts to tags, lists, campaign(s), and a Playbook within the extension for a seamless sending experience!

The extension will sync back with your CRM or Sales/Marketing platform on the contact's activity level giving you reporting metrics of Postals sent.

In a Postal paid subscription account, you will be able to use more than one partner integration at a time to send Postals.

Ex. Salesforce and Outreach.

With the extension your team can use Postal in any software platforms at any given time - enabling an integrated experience with full visibility.

For additional help, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

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