Postal has created Permission Levels to assign to your team to ensure you have control over what action they can take once logged into the platform.

To change an individual’s Permission level in Postal:

1. Select Profile to access Profile Settings

2. Select Users from the Profile Settings list on the far left

3. Select the User you wish to edit

4. Click Actions and select Edit User (top right corner)

5. Check/Un-Check the appropriate Permission level boxes under Roles

6. Click Update User to save changes


  • Able to add and assign Users and Managers
  • Choose default Handwriting style
  • Design, customize and approve Postals (direct mail and gifts)
  • Set account budget
  • Set account billing information
  • Adds company logo
  • Connects their Postal approved integration
  • Create and customize Playbooks
  • Start and stop Playbooks
  • Admin can disable a Playbook from active
  • View metrics of the Playbooks sent out


  • Can see user data and reporting
  • View all contacts
  • View all campaigns
  • View all Playbooks


  • Can send Postals/Gifts
  • Upload contacts
  • Create contacts
  • View personal contacts from the organization’s integrated partner
  • Set own handwriting style
  • Use Saved Messages
  • Create and save lists
  • Create Tags
  • Customize the User Message
  • Use and send a Playbook by adding pre-existing saved lists or selecting from their contacts
  • Can add / remove contacts to the Playbook
  • Can send a Playbook from Postal Everywhere
  • View metrics of the Playbooks sent out
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