The Marketplace is where Admins can approve and customize postals for their team to send. It is not visible to users.

In the Marketplace, Admins are able to filter by category, type, brand name or paper weight to better search through the library of options available for their approval and customization.

When customizing and approving Postals, Admins can determine how much freedom to provide their users when sending the Postals. Messaging, price, and (for direct mail) paper quality can all be locked down by Admins, or ranges can be approved for Users to select.

When saving an approved Postal, Admins will select a unique name & description for the item. The best practice is that this name & description is easily understood by users and provides direction as to when they should be using the particular Postal.

Users can find the approved items under the tab titled "Postals". After selecting "Postal", Users are able to filter by a category, type, and naming convention.

All approved items in the draft and saved will live under the tab "Postals".

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