The Postal chrome extension, Postal Everywhere, allows you to create Postal contacts directly from your connected Sales and Marketing tool.

First you will start with turning on your desired integration partner:

  1. Log into Postal
  2. Scroll to Integrations
  3. Toggle on the integration you wish to connect
  4. Next you will need to check the boxes for what you wish to sync over from your system of record to Postal.
  5. Select the boxes that match best for what you would like to sync over. Such as contacts/leads, activity and any other information you wish. Activity from Postal will sync back to your CRM on the contact level

To start sending in your CRM, you will need to use the Postal Everywhere extension for sending Postals

Coming soon: Postal triggers - automatically send Postals without any delays!

To get started, connect the Postal Chrome Extension, Postal Everywhere by clicking the button below.

Postal chrome extension

  • Login with your Postal info (user credentials and permissions will apply the same to the extension as they do to the Postal Platform itself)

Where to start?

  1. Login to your respective platform using the Chrome browser
  2. Go to Contacts
  3. Click to view contact information page
  4. Click on Postal chrome extension to send an already picked out Postal to a selected client

What can you do with the extension?

  • Edit contact information from Postal Everywhere
  • Add contacts to a saved list
  • Select from pre-approved Postals
  • Add contacts to lists and tags
  • Add contacts to Playbooks and campaigns
  • Edit the text of message (based on Permission Level in Postal)
  • Send a one-off Postal or campaign or add to a Playbook
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