Increase engagement and acquire more customers by improving your sales and marketing workflows with direct mail and gifting.

Today's Challenges

It’s harder than ever for sales and marketing teams to get prospects' attention. This is because majority of pay-per-click and demand generation high-cost leads aren’t really the best fit for your business, and in-turn need more vetting before being considered a sales qualified lead (SQL) in your database.

That's where we come in....

Account-based marketing (ABM) and sales (ABS) can help effectively target the right types of customers, but with emails going to junk mail, phone calls getting ignored, and privacy regulations restricting access, sales and marketing teams are looking for a fresh and effective way to break through to prospects. Think of Postal as breaking that barrier and interrupting the traditional flow.


  • Traditional communication channels, like email and voice, no longer differentiate products and solutions;
  • Sales and marketing automation platforms have no offline marketing options;
  • Offline marketing strategies are currently manual and therefore very time consuming.

Our Solution is powered by machine learning to create customizable workflows, and human-like personalization to create experiences that drive conversions.

By integrating Postal into your sales and marketing workflows you are able to:

  • In-turn increase engagement in existing workflows
  • Create to deliver approved direct mail and gifting templates real-time through an automated or manual process
  • Analyze real-time campaign performance metrics including cost per touch, revenue for lead acquirement and overall conversion rates

Postal is revolutionizing sales and marketing automation though scalability, personalization, and ease.

With Postal, increase engagement and acquire more customers - Improving your sales and marketing workflows with direct mail and gifting.

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