Setting up Postal x HubSpot

Allowing your team to create and send Postals in a workflow in HubSpot has never been easier!

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started:

First you will start with turning on the HubSpot integration in Postal:

  • Go into your account preferences and click integrations - HubSpot
  • Click the HubSpot logo and toggle it on
  • Next you will need to check the boxes for what you wish to sync over from HubSpot to Postal. Select the boxes that match best for what you would like to sync over. Such as contacts/leads, activity and any other information you wish. Activity from Postal will sync back to HubSpot on the contact level
  • To start sending in HubSpot, you will need to use the Postal Everywhere extension for sending Postals

Coming soon: Postal in HubSpot workflows!

To ensure your connection is made, you will need to log-in as the Admin of HubSpot

Follow the steps below to complete set up!

Postal Everywhere Set Up:

  1. Download Postal Everywhere in the Chrome Store
  2. Authenticate by using your Postal password and username
  3. Use Postal's extension while logged into HubSpot at the contact level

To get started, connect the Postal Chrome Extension, Postal Everywhere by clicking the button below.

Postal chrome extension

Using Postal Everywhere with HubSpot:

  • Postal Everywhere allows you to work while in HubSpot at the contact level to:
  • Add contacts to lists, tags, campaigns, Playbooks
  • Send direct mail or gifts directly through the extension
  • All sends made through Postal Everywhere will be logged back on the contact's activity level in HubSpot

Want to automate the send of Postal while working in Hubspot? Check out the Postal + Hubspot Integration with Triggers

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