Here at Postal (no longer ".io") we dropped a brand new experience we call Postal Engage. As well as a new way to show off and sell your custom-branded swag known as Postal Brand. Oh oh! and a new website!

*ahem* Not to brag but we've got plenty of new help content created to support you as well. (Editor's Notes: the writer of this article indeed was bragging.)

Along with those releases, we are adding improvements to Engage. Let's dive in.

Engage Product Updates

Currencies: We've added 4 new currencies to help with international spending - GBP, SGD, MXN, AUD

Branding: A section called Additional Company Information is being added to the Branding section. (Admins only)

  • Can be used for disclaimers

  • Surfaces on Landing Pages

Product Requests: From now on if you have less than 5 results after searching you will see a Request a Product option. We hear you and want to get as many awesome items in our product as possible!

Budget: The ability to adjust a budget per user is now available. From the Team Budgets section under Billing, you can select Manage Users. There is an option to adjust a budget in the Budget column. The Per User option must be selected for this option to show.

Events: We are clarifying whether the Events charge is per person or per Event when viewing all Events and including the Flat Fee information. The following pricing structures will be shown as applicable.

  • Per Person

  • Per Event and Per Person

  • Per Event (Flat Fee)

MagicLinks: The columns on the MagicLinks page are now sortable. Hovering over the column headers and then clicking on them will allow you to sort. The following headers are available to sort:

  • Status

  • Redemptions

  • Spent From

  • Expires On

  • Created Date

Bugs Squashed

Bug Hunt! 🐜 Our Support team is actively making sure that any oddities and bugs are reported to the right internal teams here at Postal.

Collections: Some of you may have noticed that recently approved items were not populating as available to add to collections. After some careful searching, we got to the bottom of it and created a fix.

(Editor's Note: all bugs squashed were actually coding issues and not real bugs. We love bugs.🐞)

And that's all for this update. See you in two weeks with some more spooky updates! 🎃

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