Before you get started

  • This article will only be relevant if you have set up Postal Warehousing with your CSM or warehousing rep.

  • For more information on this topic you can click here.

  • Bulk Sending is only compatible with ShipBob items and maximums are set during product setup with your warehousing rep.

  • Admins have the option to turn this ability off for users in Account Settings.

  • All products will be set up with no limits to start, if you want to change that, you can email [email protected]

  • When bulk sending is activated the item does not need to be re-approved these rules apply to specific teams

    Once everything is set up you can head over to the Marketplace and start Bulk Sending your favorite ShipBob items!

Step 1 Select the item you wish to send and it will take you to your summary screen where you can choose the Bulk Send method.

Note: Bulk orders, Depending on the size could potentially extend the SLA with the vendor.

Step 2 Once selected you will be prompted to confirm your order and view any information in regard to price, quantity, and Bulk Send details.

Step 3 The final step in the bulk send process is Address Verification. We always recommend you use the verified address for effective shipping purposes.

Note: You are prompted to verify address but can bypass with active acknowledgment. See example below.

That will complete the How to Bulk Send process!

Have more questions about Bulk sending? Reach out to our Support Team!

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