Let's talk about shipping costs and how they are set up in the Brand app.

First, the Default Shipping Rates are located under Store Settings.

There are three options to choose from with default values:

  • Standard Domestic - $12

  • Express Domestic - $15

  • Standard International - $40

Based on our research Postal highly recommends using the default values. However, these values are customizable.

Shipping Overview

Using the set default rates let's outline the purchase from beginning to end.

Example: a customer purchases a t-shirt for $10 and chooses the Standard Domestic shipping at $12 for a checkout total of $22.

The Shopper will pay $22 total and in turn, $22 will be deposited into your billing account. A hold will be placed on the shipping cost until we are given the actual shipping cost. Once the item is prepped and shipped your billing account will be charged the actual shipping cost. In our example, the actual shipping cost ended up being $6*. Leaving you with a net of $16 from that transaction.

In summary, using our example:

  • Shopper checkout total of $22 ($10 item + $12 flat rate shipping = $22)

  • You will receive $22

  • You pay the actual shipping cost of $6*

  • Net $16

All of the funds are deposited and debited from your billing account within Postal.

Here is a breakdown of a few scenarios using the same purchase example:

Shopper Pays

(at checkout)

Customer Receives

(in billing account)

Customer Pays

(actual shipping cost)


(affect to billing account)

Credit Card





Gift Card





$10.00 gc

$12.00 cc




*Note: Actual shipping costs will vary depending on the item. These numbers are example costs only.

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