This Theme Editor Guide will go over the various sections of your theme and what the options mean. It pairs well with our Brand App Image Guide article.

Your choice of theme will determine whether certain sections are Active by default. You can set any of the following sections to Active or not.

Note: Any changes made to these sections can be previewed before saving by using the Preview Storefront in the top right


  • Logo - We recommend making sure to upload a logo that can be seen when set against your Hero image. Recommended image size: 500x500px

  • Title - The title of your site

  • Links - Can be set to direct to another part of your Storefront or a custom URL


  • Image - This is where you add your Hero image. Recommended image size: 2000x1000px and a 60-70% dark overlay (to ensure white font shows over the hero)

  • Heading - Set against your Hero Image

  • Description - Additional text that can be added

  • Button Text - Add button text (think a CTA or functional "Shop All"

  • Button Link - Indicate where the above button goes


  • Category Image - The image should match the category you plan to link to. Can be reordered. Recommended image size: 2000x1000px and a 30-35% dark overlay.


  • Heading - Text for the section

  • Category - Add a category to showcase in this section


  • Heading - Custom text for this section

  • Description - Add a description

  • Button Text - Add text to a button

  • Button Link - Indicate where this button will point to


  • Logo - Add your logo to your footer. Recommended image size: 500x500px

  • Title - Add a title (usually the store or company name)

  • Links - Add any links

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