Ready to start adding your products to your Storefront? Let's get started.

From the Products page, select Add Products on the right (just above the product list).

From the Add Products page, you will see a list of your available products. Select Add Product on the item that you would like to make available in your Storefront.

A prompt will appear confirming that you have added the item. Once it does, select either the back button (<) or Products to head back to your list of products. Your newest product additions will be in your product list and should show as a Processing or Pending status.

Editing and Activating Your Product

Now that you have selected the specific products that you would like to surface to your Storefront, you can edit and activate them.

From the Products page, select Edit (pen icon).

Update the following areas:

  • Media - images that are displayed to customers (Recommended size 1200px by 1200px)

  • Title - the name of the product

  • Status - change this to Active when you are ready to set this product live

  • Description - shown to customers

  • Categories - select the correct categories or create brand new ones that will be available to be selected for other products as well

  • Product Variants - select the variants you would like be available

Making changes will prompt a Save button to slide down from the top. When ready, select Save.

Once you have set your product to Active and saved, your product will available in your Storefront!

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