Note this article contains directions on how to create Personalized Emails in Postal Engage. Please use the How to Send an Item article if you need to create a gift email and are not using Engage.

The Personalized Email option works great when you know your recipient's email address. You can also use this to create a Campaign.

First, start by selecting the item you want to send, and then on the Choose Method screen select the Personalized Email tab.

As you select contacts from the list they will populate on the right in the Order Summary.

There are various fields and options to consider. Here is what they all mean.


  • Header - the subject line (this is auto-populated or can be edited)

  • Email Message - this is mandatory for the email to be sent

Landing Page

  • Header - the landing page header (this is auto-populated or can be edited)

  • Message - your custom message (can be different from the Email Message)


  • Campaign Name - the name of your campaign

  • Send On - the date/time you would like this campaign sent

Sending Options

  • Send As - the name of the User you'd like to send on behalf of (Names will be populated from those that have the User role)

  • Spend From - the budget you would like to pull from when sending (Admin only option)


Once you are ready, select Review at the bottom of the Order Summary column. You'll be brought to a review screen where you can preview your Personalized Email and the landing page. As an Admin, you can also adjust where you are pulling the funds from.


Finally, select Confirm and Send to send your Personalized Email or Campaign.

Congrats on your latest send!

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