Sending items can be done in 3 different ways. We'll discuss how to get to these options. First, let's select an approved item from the Marketplace.

Below we have selected an item (a lovely New Parent Gift Box). There is information on this item including a description and any options or variants.

Selecting Option on the far right will allow you to select the variant (if available) you wish to send. Notice the stock and cost.

Once you are ready to send, select Send this item.

From here you can select how you would like to send. Please check the links below for an in-depth look at the options you have.

  • MagicLink - a link that can be copied and pasted

  • Personalized Email - an email directly to one recipient or many (think campaigns)

  • Direct - a send directly to a recipient(s) (NOTE - each recipient must have a verified address for the item to be sent)

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