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This week at Postal we will be talking about Syncing Shopify Collections, Event Request Email Updates, Product Variants, and Unconfirmed Order Notifications.

Syncing Shopify Collections

*For assistance on how to create a Shopify Collection, reference our article Creating a Shopy Collection.

  • After users create a Shopify Collection, they will be able to select a collection within Postal.

    • Only products within the selected collection will continue to be synced.

    • Existing synced products will not be deleted but will no longer be synced with

      • If you wish to continue syncing a product, add it to the Shopify Collection you have selected.

  • Users who have not created Shopify Collections will see the following message and all of their products will continue to be synced.

  • If vendors choose to create a collection:

    • Products that were previously in Postal will not automatically be added to the Shopify Collection.

    • Vendors will have to manually/automatically add their existing synced products to the Shopify collection they want to select.

Event Requested Email Updates:

  • Updated UI for the Requested Event email

  • Ability to confirm events within the email body

    • If multiple dates were requested, each date will show up as an option for confirmation.

    • Once the event is confirmed in an email, the status will be updated to “Confirmed Needs Data” and the Last Event Registration date will be populated to 2 weeks before the event.

Variant updates: Contains Perishables

  • Added the ability to mark variants as “Contains Perishables”

Unconfirmed Order Notifications:

  • Vendors will now receive notifications for orders that have not been confirmed within 12 hours

  • Notification toggle will be enabled by default. If a vendor chooses to turn off notifications, they can do so in Account settings.

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  • Requires Shipping toggle: In the Variant details section of the Vendor app, It is now set to on by default.

Shopify Store Integration

We have added a Troubleshooting section with new error handling.

When URL is invalid:

Proper format: or

When the access token is incorrect:

When the correct permissions are not set:

That is a wrap for this week! Until next time!

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