Creating a Shopify Collection:

What is a Shopify Collection?

A Shopify Collection allows the vendors the opportunity to have more control over which products they sync from Shopify to Postal. All products chosen will be filtered in one section known as a Collection. This will help manage your products in Postal better by reducing the number of Products in the Product Tab. It will also make adding products to Postal in the future easier since all you will need to do is add whichever product you choose to import into your collection.

Start in Shopify

Step 1: Click ‘Products’ from the left-hand menu bar

Step 2: Click ‘Collections’

Step 3: Click ‘Create collection’

Step 4: Assign your collection a name and add a description

Step 5: Select your collection type:

Manual: This will require you to add products to a collection one by one

Automated: Uses conditions to automatically add products to a collection

Step 6: Save Collection

If collection type is manual:

Step 7: Add products to the collection

Syncing Collection in

Step 1: Log into the Vendor application

Step 2: Click the ‘Account’ tab

Step 3: Locate Shopify Integration and click ‘Sync Now’

Step 4: Find your collection

Step 5: Select Import

Step 6: Done. Products are imported:

Note: If vendors have not created a collection or choose not to create a collection, they will see the following message when they select ‘Sync Now’ on the Shopify Integration and all products will continue to be synced.

For additional assistance please contact your Marketplace contact at Postal.

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