You now have the ability to bulk update the category and type fields for your Shopify Items.


New Product Status

When a new product(s) is synced from Shopify but is missing data, you will now see a new product status, Needs Data highlighted in yellow.

You can see this by selecting the Products Tab:

How to Bulk update items with "Needs Data"

Items with “Needs Data” status can be bulk selected to set missing data.

To do this:

  • Go to Products and on your left select all the products with 'needs data'.

  • Once those are selected select the button Set Missing Data.

    • *Note: The set Missing Data Option cannot be used with Manual Orders

  • Updating Missing Data by selecting a category and type for the product

  • Once you have selected all your products with Needs Data, setting the missing data involves selecting a category and a type for the product.

If you select a product that already has a category and typeset, then there will be a warning message that only the products without category and type will be affected.

Once you have made these changes, select save and they will display next to the products under the Products tab.

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