Congrats on booking your first event! In order to maximize the experience of your event, our team has outlined some best practices to keep in mind once your event has been booked.


  1. Set up your Landing Page

  2. Sending out your invites

  3. Registration and Agreement

Set up your Landing Page

  • Customize Title & Description

    • We recommend narrowing the focus of the presentation and titling the event something catchy to make it stand out (possibly include a screenshot of Grow with the Flow or Brie Better with Offline Marketing)

  • Customize photos

    • We recommend including some branding on your photos.

  • Add your meeting link

    • We do not recommend Zoom Webinar. Most of our events are interactive, and we find attendees have the best time with an event where the audience and hosts get to interact and mingle!

  • Connect to your campaigns

  • Customize your messaging

    • We recommend something personal to increase open rates on your invitation, confirmation, reminder, and other notification emails (ex. Felicia’s “Tomorrow is going to be spec-taco-lar”)

    • We recommend including items needed & reminders for the participants (chill your wine/beer, bring certain utensils, etc)

Sending out your invites


A personal favorite at Postal! Let's talk about three main use cases of MagicLinks.

One link to rule them all.

  • Using one link for the entire event.

    • Make sure your order limit is large enough (ex. Event for 25, we recommend links order limit at 30 in case you need to cancel an order and have someone else sign up through that link)

  • Multiple Links to track engagement by changing the name

    • Change the ML name to “LinkedIn” and put it on a LinkedIn ad, or “Email Campaign” and send it out in an email blast. This will help you see where you are getting the most registrations!

  • Track Sales/Marketing registrations by team member

    • Have each Postal user create their own MagicLink to invite registrants. Track how many registrants each employee has & create an incentive (5 registrants & you get to attend!)

  • Note: Funds are pulled from the billing account associated with the user profile that created the MagicLink

Gift Email

  • Great for a small group of VIP invites!

    • Can send as another user, sends a personalized email, can track reg status

    • Much like checking into a hotel, it places a hold on each email you send out. For this reason, we do not recommend sending it out to a mass invite list as it will deplete your entire budget before registrations are confirmed

  • If you do want to use this method, you can bulk upload a spreadsheet (link to how to bulk upload contacts) and then send the email to them directly.

  • Select the contact and check “Send invitation email”

  • Add Attendee

    • Have someone who wasn't able to register or asked you to add them directly? Need to switch someone from one event to another? Already have a list of people confirmed to attend?

    • Create or select your attendees (see bulk upload as above), next, do not select send invite email, click next and add them directly!

Registration and Agreement

What if your registration is closed and items are getting ready to ship out. What next?

  • Shipping will be uploaded within 4 business days and invite emails will be sent out to registrants.

  • You will be connected to your host or another representative

    • The best next step would be to schedule a pre-event call. No time for a call? Feel free to discuss details as your host will be at the event 10-15 minutes prior to your event for an AV & last-minute check.

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