Note: You will need to have the Admin role to complete this process.

International currency transfers live in the same area as domestic transfers. Start by navigating to your Profile > Profile Settings > Billing > Transfers.

From here on out, a “domestic transfer” just means a transfer between two accounts of the same currency. A foreign currency transfer encompasses any transfer from one account to an account of a different currency.

First, select the “Set up a foreign currency transfer” tab.

Select your “Transfer From” account. All currency types will surface in the “Transfer From” box.

Once you have selected the account you want to transfer from, only accounts with different currencies will surface in the “Transfer To” dropdown.

Select the account you would like to transfer to.

Enter the Amount and a note about the transfer. The note can be what campaign or item the transfer is for or any information you might think is relevant to the transfer.

Once you click the green “Transfer” button, a modal containing all your transfer information including (a) From account and balance (b) To account and balance (c) conversion rate at the time of transfer request (d) amount in foreign currency you will receive if you move forward with the transfer.

If you accept all this information, clicking “Confirm” will complete the transfer. Clicking “Cancel” will cancel the transfer and the money will remain in the “From” account.

After completing the transfer, the transfer and all associated information including conversion rate will be visible in the Transfer History report.

A confirmation email will also be sent to the email of the person who requested the transfer for further record keeping.

Happy sending! 🥳

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