Welcome to Postal! As a company, we thrive to give our recipients the best experience possible to value all the work you do as a business. In order to capitalize on the new customers you will be gaining, our team has outlined best practices to keep in mind when sending your gift through Postal.

Best Practices:

  • When sending a printed note, have it printed neatly on a piece of paper/notecard

    • Postal will supply the materials if necessary - contact McKenzie at [email protected] for further assistance

  • The recipient should receive exactly what the customer has sent

    • Correct boxing, notes, etc.

  • Do not include a receipt in any shipments. These are gifts, and we do not want the recipient to see the price.

  • If you anticipate a delay with an order (due to weather, inventory, misc., etc.), please send a note immediately to [email protected].

  • Ship gifts within 48 business hours (unless previously agreed upon) and add tracking as soon as gifts are shipped

  • Include descriptive details in the product descriptions so the recipient experience matches what the customer expects. Ie, note is handwritten, if gift wrapping is included, etc.


Handwritten Notes

Unboxing Presentation

For additional assistance please contact your Marketplace contact at Postal.

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