It's gonna be May!...err. Despite our very late joke, we're here with some timely updates for our Vendor App.

We'll be talking about payment vouchers, more sorting options for the orders tab, historical product updates, and registration closed emails. Let's dive into it!

Automate Payment Voucher

  • Vendor Payables for the previous month will be created automatically for vendors who have been onboarded through Routable

    • Only support USD

    • Payables for vendors with net30 terms will be created and vouchers will be sent out on the 5th of the month as an email

    • Payables for vendors with net5 terms will be created and vouchers will be on the 3rd of the month as an email

Sort Orders Placed

  • The Orders Placed column in the Orders tab is now sortable

    • Sorted in descending order by default

      • Based on the Orders Placed timestamp

    • Users can sort by ascending order

Historical Products

  • Items that were manually created by the marketplace team previously did not show up in the vendor’s product tab

  • We were able to backfill all of these manual products so now vendors will be able to see all of their products

    • This gives vendors the ability to manage all of their products

Deleting draft products

  • Vendors will have the ability to delete products with the status “Draft” from the vendor app

    • Single delete

    • Bulk delete

Registration Closed Email

  • An email will be sent to the vendor and to the events team when an event registration period has closed

    • The email includes a link to the event

    • Includes a finalized attendees list

    • Includes a link to the Order management help file

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Hold Bug

    • Updating events was causing extra invitations to be sent

      • This is fixed so that the calendar invite remains constant in emails

  • Tracking Information was not visible in the Orders tab

    • This has been fixed, all tracking information should be populated in the “Tracking” column

And that is all for this week! We'll be bringing you regular updates moving forward. Until next time!

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