Do you need to ensure that you are spending from the correct budget? Maybe you want that trigger to pull from your new team? We have got you covered!

As an Admin/User

As an Admin/User, you are able to select which User you want to “Spend As” with that User’s budget surfacing next to their name upon selection. This option is also available when you are setting up a trigger in the Item setup page of the workflow.

If that User is on multiple teams, you will be able to select which team you would like to pull the budget from for the send. As an Admin, you will see both Budget and Balance for Teams.

If the User does not have the Budget or Balance to complete the send on any given team, that option will not be selectable.

If nothing is selected for “Spend As,” the spending rules will default to the current team and budget of the User creating the order.

As a User/Manager

As a User who also has the Manager role, you will be able to “Spend As” any User that is also on the team you are a Manager for.

Managers will not see Balance unless they also have the Admin role.

As a User

As just a User, you will default to yourself as the “Spend As.” From there, you will be able to choose between any team you are on to be the team you spend from.

Users cannot see Balance, only Budget. However, if the Budget is disabled for the User's team, the Balance will surface.

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